Welcome to The Epic Source Food Company! We are a women/employee owned “Better For You Foundational Company” that designs, develops and launches brands specifically to bring “Real” benefits to the world of consumers we serve. We don’t do “me too” products and quite frankly; if we can’t do it better than the others, we won’t do it at all. Several of our Flagship brands are Goat Milk Based with our success being founded upon one very important fact; “We Take the Goat Out of Goat Milk”. None of our products have that lemony, twangy taste we call “Goaty”. Our products are simply delicious and usually match the taste of most cow milk products, but with all the nutritional and digestive benefits of goat milk.

Our belief is that nature knows best and the less we change or add to a product the better it can be for you and the planet. We are committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals. We’re also firm believers that “good for you” food MUST taste great! Our slow and steady approach has served us well and allows our brands to survive and thrive against larger competitors.

We are driven by our passion, controlled by our ethics and excel at transparency in everything we do. We partner with family owned farms and production facilities to provide the highest quality products available. We designed our portfolio for families like yours and kid tested each brand (except jalapeno) to ensure a great experience in each and every batch we produce. Learn More, Live Better!