Welcome to Epic Source Foods, a “Foundational” brand buildingcompany that takes product from a pre-production concept all the way to the shelf & consumer. We believe that nature knows best and the less we change or add to a natural product the better it can be for you and the earth, and that is the foundation we built our company on.

Epic Source serves as a springboard of sales and marketing that supplies brand perfecting ideas and concepts to our partner brands. Our team works exclusively with a mix of small or newly launched noncompetitive brands as well as some of the largest and most successful brands in the market.

We don’t make the brands, we make the brands great. We make the brands memorable while our research and development team helps to keep them cleaner, greener better for you and better tasting than the competition. We do continual market research and testing to keep our brands on top in a world that is evolving 24 hours a day through advancing consumer tastes and trends as the ever improving advancements in technology becoming available.

Equally important to our branded customers:

  • Maintain weekly updating of their social media sites.
  •  Provide website updates or makeovers.
  •  Package design or consumer rebranding with our highly creative in house team when requested.
  • We are scheduled for another heavy road show tour in 2014 making our products visible at most of the important food shows across the country.
  •  Provide one on one selling of partner brands in “new to them” markets or markets in need of further saturation.

All is included in our services at a fraction of the cost but with all of the individual focus expected as though you were at the show selling the products yourself.