Ask your friends to donate to a charity on your birthday instead of bringing a birthday gift.

Open your curtains and do your homework with natural light.

Ask your parents if you can plant a tree or a garden, and then help take care of it.

Unplug things that glow and turn off your video games after you’re done playing – both the TV and console.

Organize a swap among your friends. What can you swap? Books, toys, even clothes. It’s a way for everyone to get something new without spending any money and without throwing a bunch of stuff away. Set aside some items for your swap when you’re cleaning your room!

Take paper from your computer printouts and use the other side for more computer printing or just to draw or doodle on.

When toting your school supplies to class, choose an earth-friendly backpack or tote made from reclaimed or organic fabric. Also think about the supplies that you put in those bags. Notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, markers, rulers, folders and book covers are all available in “green or earth friendly” versions that have been recycled, reclaimed or revamped in some way to save resources and materials.

Don’t leave the fridge door open while you decide what you want to eat for your after school snack. Keep your snacks in the same area so you don’t have to search for them. Everything has its place right!

Girl doing homework at home