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Many of us want to “GO GREEN” but we aren’t sure how. Going green doesn’t have to be a daunting task with sweeping life changes.  The Earth Docs program has been created to make it fun and easy for everyone to become an Earth “Doctor.”

You don’t have to be an environmentalist or an adult to make a difference and protect our natural resources of water, the land and the air.  Click on the following tabs to learn how you can save the environment at work, home, school, or at play  – every day!

Pledge to adopt environmentally-friendly choices/habits, and print your Earth Doctor Certificate to recognize you and remind you of your commitment!  As you adopt more green habits, you can earn more advanced “Earth-Docs” degrees!

Green Kids Earth Doctor – 3 green choices – Earth Doctor Certificate
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• Associate Earth Doctor – 10 green choices – Earth Doctor Certificate
• Advanced Earth Doctor– 15 green choices – Earth Doctor Certificate
• Expert Earth Doctor – 20  green choices – Earth Doctor Certificate

Need some tips on how you can Go Green? Here are a few just for you.

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Earth Docs Tips our Hat to the Good Folks of “Uncertain” Texas:
I would like to thank Billy Carter for a fantastic educational tour of Caddo Mills Lake, launching from his lakeside Johnson’s Ranch Marina in Uncertain, Texas (that is really the name of this town of 91 residents). Billy and his neighbors are fighting to keep the lakes clean and clear of a deadly plant called the Giant Salvinia (Salvinia molesta), a floating fern from southern Brazil that is currently one of the most problematic aquatic plants in Texas. It damages aquatic ecosystems by outgrowing and replacing native plants that provide food and habitat for native animals and waterfowl. Additionally, it blocks out sunlight and decreases oxygen concentrations to the detriment of fish and other aquatic animals. When plant masses die, decomposition lowers dissolved oxygen still further. Giant Salvinia infestations often expand very rapidly. It can double in about a week under the right circumstances, as our Texas Parks and Wildlife explains it.


The good folks in Uncertain are doing everything possible to fight this dangerous plant naturally, free from any chemicals. While down there, we joined them by contributing to a local fundraiser that raises awareness and money to fight the harmful plant with the introduction of the Giant Salvinia weevil that consumes the plant entirely. Uncertain has greenhouses and land devoted to cultivating and raising the weevils, the first and largest project of its kind in the world.

If you’ve watched the “True Blood” series on cable, in the introduction credits you can see an image of the lake and a white house surrounded by moss, located only 100 yards from the marina we visited. If you have never been to Caddo Mills Lake, you’re missing out on one of the largest and most interesting lakes of its kind in the entire US of A. We wish good luck to Billy and the Caddo Lake residents as they fight to save our most precious resources and the wildlife that thrives in the area.


Tim Millson  (Founder of Earth-Docs)