Products: Goat Cheese Mac and Cheese, Popcorn, Pizza & Fresh Cheese

Category: Goat Milk & Cheese Products

Funny Farm brands is the proud pioneer of multiple “goat cheese” first! Our first to market products include our goat milk mac and cheese, a special fun shapes yellow cheddar goat milk mac and cheese option for kids, a special white cheddar jalapeno goat milk mac and cheese and a gluten free goat milk mac and cheese. Next is our goat cheddar popcorns that come in a white cheddar blend and a jalapeno white cheddar. Following that are our new goat cheese based pizzas available in 3 cheese, sausage and pepperoni and a delicious veggie option, all line priced. Finally we we have our fresh goat cheeses: Goat Mozzarella, goat cheddars cheese, goat pepper jack and Confuzed (our special blend of cow and goat milk cheddar cheese).