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The Nutritional Noodle Pasta Company is deeply dedicated to helping you discover nutritional ways to prepare and serve your pasta meals. Our goal is to offer consumers like you a unique, gluten free pasta blend in which to build delicious and nutritious meals. We’re pretty sure we’re the first blend of ancient grains to include hemp (quickly becoming a rising star due to its growing list of health and nutritional benefits) in our blend.

While we work hard to blend a nutritional gluten-free pasta, the ingredients in any pasta (including ours) can only provide a portion of the daily nutrition your body needs. Gluten free meals are a necessity for some people with wheat or gluten allergies. But if you are simply choosing to eat gluten free because of other health issues or just seeking a better tasting noodle, we welcome you to our family. Eating nutritionally could be the difference between a stress free comfortable day with a great night’s sleep vs. an all-day sick feeling with a bloated stomach, a migraine and a sleepless stressed out night. Yes, food can do all of those things and more but many are in your control. You are what you eat.