“We produce brands with the widest demographic possible”

Epic Source maintains a hands-on sales strategy throughout the market. We produce brands with the widest demographic possible with attractive and fun packaging with family friendly tastes that appeals to all ages. Our products grow faster than most others because of the time we took to develop them for the masses with innovative packaging designed to withstand the test of time.

We sell to every chain and independent grocery outlet in the country with our own “in market” team of salesmen and brokers. Our 30+ years in the industry allows for solid relationships from some of the most progressive and savvy buyers in the world.

Our Brands usually start in the independent stores that focus on natural and better-for-you options, then join the progressive mass grocery chains that in some cases are now leading the “Good Food” revolution.


“We go the extra mile”

We go the extra mile in connecting every brand to a plethora of undiscovered consumers thru thought provoking and engaging online content, interesting articles that relate the consumer to the brand and usable brand information bits that bring additional consumer trial and continued interest in the products.

We market our products with educational and current event social media as well as a bit of humor which we come by naturally, never crude or politically charged. We’re a family of hard workers seeking to get our brands noticed and followed by retailers and consumers across the country seeking better for you food.

We teach sustainability and acceptability in understanding the need for tolerance instead of aggressive activism so that we nurture people to do the right thing thru interactive and provocative education on how to create a better environment while helping to maintain a cleaner and more efficient food source.

We developed a consumer outreach program called Earth-Docs that walks the talk thru an honest upbringing of consumers who are taught how to help make a greener, healthier earth thru simple routines. It is attached to this site, check it out and see if we can help you find a greener routine.