About Us

Epic Source Foods began as an ice cream brand out of San Francisco, California with our office in Frisco, Texas. When the ice cream started to outgrow the amount of goat milk we could source, we immediately moved all of our production to Wisconsin where we now produce all of our goat milk based products.

The Epic Source Company was owned and managed by Founders Tim and Julia Millson and their daughter Natasha for years until selling to Karlin Foods Group in 2018. Mitch Karlin mentored us and handled our mac and cheese packaging from the start of the Funny Farm launch. It was a natural transition to sell once we had taken it as far as our little family could.

Now we belong to a larger family with over 40 years of success in the food industry and are excited to have the amazing experience and expertise Karlin Foods brings to the table. 

Look for Epic’s new brands Planet Harvest and Nutritional Noodle, all part of the better for you portfolio were working hard to bring you soon. Better ingredients really do make better food!