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Epic Source Foods is the proud founder and pioneer of multiple “goat milk and cheese” first! Our first to market brands include our world famous LaLoo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream and a new family of goat cheese products we named Funny Farm.

Our newest portfolio includes six boxed types of goat milk mac and cheese with creamy, delicious cheese blends including a yellow cheddar with elbows and white cheddar with shells, a special fun shape option for kids, a whole grain gluten free, Alfredo mac with a touch of basil and a white cheddar jalapeño that the foodies swoon over. Don’t forget the EZ PZ microwave cups made for families on the go!

Next, we are proud to introduce our goat cheddar popcorns that come in a white cheddar and a jalapeño white cheddar that shook up the market with a new style of popcorn processing we named “cool pop.”

Following that are our fresh goat cheese unique to the market because we don’t make soft cheese like chévre, we make cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack and a type we call Confuzed, a blend of cow and goat milk made into a delicious cheddar.

Our future wave of planned launches include nacho chips in yellow and white cheddar, cheese puffs & cheese crackers with some additional surprises sure to make your stomach smile! Look for our NEW Planet Harvest brand bringing meal options, side dishes and soups and our Nutritional Noodle products that I bet have something to do with pasta! So, move your hoofs to your local store to pick up some or all these amazing products. If your local store doesn’t carry them yet, ask the manager to order them for you! “Better Milk Makes Better Cheese.”™

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