Welcome to Epic Source Foods, home of Funny Farm and LaLoo’s goat milk products all designed to bring you premium options in the Better for You food categories. While our largest brands are goat milk based, our new brands Planet Harvest and Nutritional Noodle aren’t goat centric but are clean label focused. We’re a family owned company passionate about unique, delicious and sustainable foods that provide real nutritional benefit. These benefits are beyond amazing which is why 70% of all milk consumed in the WORLD is now goat milk. We send a heartfelt tip of the hat to the hard-working farmers and their families that work 7 days a week planting, feeding, caring for and milking, all of which allows us to create these delicious products. Our farmers are committed to using the most ethical and humane processes and procedures there are, our goats are like family and are treated as such!

We strive to continuously improve our products using the most modern techniques and processes available. We love an educated consumer that researches the amazing goat milk benefits and the real differences between goat and all the other milks. Goats are the most sustainable milk producers on the planet. We love helping family farms in the goat milk industry because and we support one another sharing experience as well as the advances in technology & research as well as product innovation. This allows us to produce a better and safer dairy product while finding efficiencies along the way to meet more of the market demand with less waste. Do your research on the trending benefits of goat milk. “Know More, Live Better.”™

Mission Statement
and Values

Our Epic mission is based on our passion for the goat milk and clean food industry and the healthy growth of our families and yours. While most of our products are not certified Organic, Non-GMO or sugar free, our goal is to continue making them the healthiest options available in each segment we compete in. These certifications are expensive to maintain, and our products are clean. We source 100% of our milk in the USA. Thru modest growth, we hope to find ways to sustainably add more co-ops across the country that allow every farmer that wants a chance to be involved, to do just that. For now, fresh goat milk products are only available if you personally know a goat farmer with few exceptions across the country. Having strategically located plants to gather that milk, pasteurize and package it for the surrounding retailers in the form of yogurts, fresh milk, cheese and more is our ultimate long-term goal.

As to our values, they serve as our compass for where we go in this world. As category leaders in the goat milk industry we hope to bring courage to those farms looking to expand in order to meet the overwhelming growth the US now demands; currently being filled by imported brands. We hold ourselves accountable for what we say and how we do things. Our integrity and passion for the industry leads our conscience. It is thru the diversity of people in this industry whose sharing of thoughts and ideas inspire us to be better and strive to produce at the highest quality. We hope to inspire creativity and are optimistic that our industry will continue to grow thru a useful sharing of helpful information and knowledge.